The Integrated Toolkit For
Business Management

The Integrated
Toolkit For Business  Management

ContinuSys is the only platform you need to grow your business. Say goodbye to inefficiencies, and take productivity to the next level with our integrated app suite.


Why Choose ContinuSys?

We created the ContinuSys platform to help you keep everything in one place. Departments can easily share information, and your team can access their apps and data from anywhere on any device. That means you can fundamentally improve your project workflows and reduce operational risk by having a single source of truth for all your business data. Our platform is built on the concept of uninterrupted business operations to help businesses drive innovation while increasing resilience.

Enhance Business Resilience

Business Resilience

You can’t effectively protect and govern what you don’t know about. That’s why we keep all of your data in a single, unified environment that you have complete control over. And, because our platform operates on top of world-class cloud infrastructure, it’s always available on any device in any location.

Support Your Hybrid Workforce

Your Hybrid Workforce

More than ever, the modern employee experience depends on flexibility and adaptability. At a time when only a small minority of people are happy to work exclusively in the office, you need solutions that let work travel with employees, and not the other way around. With CIMS, you can support your hybrid workforce with convenient and accessible solutions.

Reduce Operational Costs

Operational Costs

It’s easy to lose sight of where your IT budget is going when you have everything stored across multiple disparate apps and systems. With ContinuSys, you will have an integrated operational environment that adds value to your business and helps you meet top-level goals. Moreover, you can continually improve business performance with actionable, evidence-based insights.

Achieve Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth

Building a strong brand depends on the ability to generate value in the form of a compelling product or service. When you’ve got everything in one place, your team has easy access to the data and insights that matter to them, instead of getting entangled in complex technology environments.

An App for Every Business Function

ContinuSys uses cutting-edge tech to build operational resilience, functionality, and efficiency across all core business domains – people, assets, finance, time, collaboration, information, and governance.

Protect Your Business

We provide apps that help you maintain control over the most important business asset of all – your data. We eliminate single points of failure and help you scale business continuity across your entire organisation to ensure you’re ready to counter the latest threats.

Protect Your Business
Manage Your Operations

Manage Your Operations

ContinuSys helps you keep one step ahead by streamlining business management in a way that’s intuitive and tailored to your unique needs. With our apps, you can keep a finger on the pulse of your business and leverage real-time insights to continually enhance your operations.

Empower Your Team

Our integrated apps give you everything you need to engage your workforce, no matter where they’re working or which device they’re using. You can build optimised workflows and keep all your employees on the same page with streamlined service delivery every time.

Empower Your Team
Boost Your Sales

Boost Your Sales

Building a strong brand has never been easier thanks to integrated apps that help you attract attention, collect valuable feedback, and turn that feedback into informed decisions that enhance the customer experience.

Pricing Plans to Suit Your Business

We know that every organisation is unique, so we offer a range of plans to accommodate businesses of varying sizes, industries, and operational priorities.

Happiness is Free

Max 10 User

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  • Access to all ContinuSys Apps


Max 10 User

  • Cost Per User
  • Minimum Monthly Cost
  • Access to all ContinuSys Apps


Max 50 User

  • Cost Per User
  • Minimum Monthly Cost
  • Access to all ContinuSys Apps